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To Do

These should be sorted into relevant code sections.

Finished (abbreviate for changelog)

  • The EmbPattern *pattern as a variable in the View class.
  • Load/Save Menu/Toolbars configurations to data files.

Current work

  • Removing the now unnecessary SaveObject class.
  • Converting all comments to C style.
  • Switching away from Doxygen-style in favour of direct commentary and a custom written reference manual.
  • Move calculations of rotation and scaling into EmbVector calls.
  • Libembroidery interfacing: get all classes to use the proper libembroidery types within them. So Ellipse has EmbEllipse as public data within it.
  • Setting for reverse scrolling direction (for zoom, vertical pan)
  • Tools to find common problems in the source code and suggest fixes to the developers. For example, a translation miss: that is, for any language other than English a missing entry in the translation table should supply a clear warning to developers.


  • looping test that reads 10 times while running valgrind. See embPattern\_loadExternalColorFile() Arduino leak note for more info.
  • Test that all formats read data in correct scale (format details should match other programs).


  • libembroidery-composer like app that combines multiple files into one.


  • Fix emb-outline files
  • Fix thread-color files
  • Logging of Last Stitch Location to External USB Storage(commonly available and easily replaced), wait until TRE is available to avoid rework
  • - seems like the logical solution for Nightly/CI builds
  • Smoothieboard experiments


  • Document all tests.
  • Automation of tests.
  • Ensure that the stitch count matches what we know the file has
  • Fix repeats in this todo file.

2.0 alpha1

  • WIP - Statistics from 1.0, needs histogram
  • WIP - Saving DST/PES/JEF (varga)
  • WIP - Saving CSV/SVG (rt) + CSV read/write UNKNOWN interpreted as COLOR bug
  • Keyboard zooming, panning

2.0 alpha2

  • Notify user of data loss if not saving to an object format.
  • Import Raster Image
  • Layer Manager + LayerSwitcher DockWidget
  • Reading DXF

2.0 alpha3

  • Writing DXF
  • (DONE) Up and Down keys cycle thru commands in the command prompt
  • Amount of Thread and Machine Time Estimation (also allow customizable times for setup, color changes, manually trimming jump threads, etc. that way a realistic total time can be estimated)
  • Otto Theme Icons - whatsthis icon doesn't scale well, needs redone
  • embroidermodder2.ico 16 x 16 looks horrible

2.0 alpha4

  • WIP - CAD Command: Arc (rt)

2.0 beta1

  • Custom Filter Bug - doesn't save changes in some cases
  • Cannot open file with # in name when opening multiple files (works fine when opening the single file)
  • Closing Settings Dialog with the X in the window saves settings rather than discards them
  • WIP - Advanced Printing
  • Filling Algorithms (varga)
  • Otto Theme Icons - beta (rt) - Units, Render, Selectors
  • Cut/copy allow post-selection.
  • Layout into config.
  • Add which formats to work with to preferences.
  • Layer manager and Layer switcher dock widget.
  • Custom filter bug -- doesn't save changes in some cases.
  • GUI frontend for embroider features that aren't supported by embroidermodder: flag selector from a table
  • Update all formats without color to check for edr or rgb files.
  • Better integrated help: I don't think the help should backend to a html file somewhere on the user's system. A better system would be a custom widget within the program that's searchable.
  • Settings dialog: notify when the user is switching tabs that the setting has been changed, adding apply button is what would make sense for this to happen.

2.0 rc1

  • Review KDE4 Thumbnailer
  • Documentation for libembroidery and formats
  • HTML Help files
  • Update language translations
  • CAD Command review: line
  • CAD Command review: circle
  • CAD Command review: rectangle
  • CAD Command review: polygon
  • CAD Command review: polyline
  • CAD Command review: point
  • CAD Command review: ellipse
  • CAD Command review: arc
  • CAD Command review: distance
  • CAD Command review: locatepoint
  • CAD Command review: move
  • CAD Command review: rgb
  • CAD Command review: rotate
  • CAD Command review: scale
  • CAD Command review: singlelinetext
  • CAD Command review: star
  • Clean up all compiler warning messages, right now theres plenty :P

TODO - QDoc Comments

2.0 release

  • tar.gz archive
  • zip archive
  • Debian Package (rt)
  • NSIS Installer (rt)
  • Mac Bundle?
  • press release


  • for MXE project (refer to qt submodule packages for qmake based building. Also refer to for example of how write an update macro for github.)
  • libembroidery safeguard for all writers - check if the last stitch is an END stitch. If not, add an end stitch in the writer and modify the header data if necessary.
  • Cut/Copy - Allow Post-selection
  • CAD Command: Array
  • CAD Command: Offset
  • CAD Command: Extend
  • CAD Command: Trim
  • CAD Command: BreakAtPoint
  • CAD Command: Break2Points
  • CAD Command: Fillet
  • CAD Command: Chamfer
  • CAD Command: Split
  • CAD Command: Area
  • CAD Command: Time
  • CAD Command: PickAdd
  • CAD Command: Product
  • CAD Command: Program
  • CAD Command: ZoomFactor
  • CAD Command: GripHot
  • CAD Command: GripColor and GripCool
  • CAD Command: GripSize
  • CAD Command: Highlight
  • CAD Command: Units
  • CAD Command: Grid
  • CAD Command: Find
  • CAD Command: Divide
  • CAD Command: ZoomWindow (Move out of view.cpp)
  • Command: Web (Generates Spiderweb patterns)
  • Command: Guilloche (Generates Guilloche patterns)
  • Command: Celtic Knots
  • Command: Knotted Wreath
  • Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3 ports and/or commands.
  • native function that flashes the command prompt to get users attention when using the prompt is required for a command.
  • Settings Dialog, it would be nice to have it notify you when switching tabs that a setting has been changed. Adding an Apply button is what would make sense for this to happen.
  • Keyboard Zooming/Panning
  • G-Code format?
  • 3D Raised Embroidery
  • Gradient Filling Algorithms
  • Stitching Simulation
  • RPM packages?
  • Reports?
  • Record and Playback Commands
  • Settings option for reversing zoom scrolling direction
  • Qt GUI for libembroidery-convert
  • EPS format? Look at using Ghostscript as an optional add-on to libembroidery
  • optional compile option for including LGPL/GPL libs etc. with warning to user about license requirements.
  • Realistic Visualization - Bump Mapping/OpenGL/Gradients?
  • Stippling Fill
  • User Designed Custom Fill
  • Honeycomb Fill
  • Hilburt Curve Fill
  • Sierpinski Triangle fill
  • Circle Grid Fill
  • Spiral Fill
  • Offset Fill
  • Brick Fill
  • Trim jumps over a certain length.
  • FAQ about setting high number of jumps for more controlled trimming.
  • Minimum stitch length option. (Many machines also have this option too)
  • Add 'Design Details' functionality to libembroidery-convert
  • Add 'Batch convert many to one format' functionality to libembroidery-convert
  • EmbroideryFLOSS - Color picker that displays catalog numbers and names.
  • emscripten/javascript port of libembroidery