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Credits for Embroidermodder 2, libembroidery and all other related code

Please note that this file in not in alphabetical order. If you have contributed and wish to be added to this list, create a new credit bullet. Fill it in with your information and submit it to us. Supply your: your full name or pseudonym and GitHub handle, if available.

Kinds of contribution:

  • Documentation - for changes to README files, manuals or help files.
  • Artwork - for artwork other than designs.
  • Bug Fixes - for small patches of a few lines.
  • Translation - for large patches to the translation files.
  • Designs - for an embroidery design sample or parametrized design as a toml file.
  • Bindings - for programming language bindings for libembroidery.
  • Commands - for Embroidermodder 2's in-built terminal.

finally there's Core Developer which is reserved for long term contributors.



Need to fix script to generate from data.